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February 2006

Mrs. Margie Pensak

Baltimore, MD, February 7, 2006—The concept of seeking a quality education without ever entering the walls of a classroom has grown tremendously in the last ten years. In fact, the most recent figures from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) indicate that well over 1.5 million people are enrolled in distance education courses. That number is only growing.

Star-K Certification has joined these ranks by opening up the world of kosher online. Those who are clueless but curious about kosher, now have the opportunity to access the only formal, online, interactive introductory classes about kosher on the web. Star-K’s Virtual Kosher University will allow the kosher novice to learn the basics—whether one lives in Calabasa, California, or Caracas, Venezuela--regardless of one’s schedule, at one’s own pace, in the comfort of one’s own home.

Virtual Kosher University classes will cover such Why? What? How? topics as: The Kabbalistic/Spiritual “Reasons” for Kosher; Setting Up a Kosher Kitchen; Kashering; Meat and Milk; Fish; Vegetarian Restaurants; Items That Do Not Require Certification; The Process of Kosher Certification; and Navigating the World of Kosher Symbols.

These topics will be discussed by Star-K’s expert Kashrus Administrators in multimedia presentations. Students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge with optional self-quizzes. They may also post their comments and questions about kosher on a forum, and chat with a Star-K rabbinic staff member.

“In collaboration with we developed what we believe are the first comprehensive, online classes on kosher,” says Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, Star-K Kashrus Administrator and the Dean of Virtual Kosher University. “They will provide the novice with access to the professional staff of the Star-K in a modern environment.”

For more information about these tuition-free classes, visit Star-K Online,, or go directly to

Star-K and wish to thank McDonald Corporation's Cy Pres Fund for the funding of this program.

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