Kosher Classroom

The STAR-K Kosher Classroom, a growing collection of curricular materials for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms developed for (and with the support of) Torah Umesorah, are now available at STAR-K Director of Special Projects Rabbi Zvi Holland, notes: “The STAR-K kosher classroom is another STAR-K commitment to education. It is an expansion of our already existing educational efforts for adults including Kashrus Kurrents, and seminars for Rabbonim, Mashgichim and the community–both in-person and online–as a part of the Virtual Kosher University.

We have consulted with Mechanchim to ensure that these materials are age-appropiate for children, across the spectrum. We are acutely aware that Kashrus might be our most extensive engagement with practical halacha, as adults. Yet, it is apparent from the phone calls we field, that there is a gap in this area in our schools’ curriculums in this area. Educators have told us the reason why there is so little classroom education about Kashrus-related halacha is because of a lack of information and materials. Many of these topics require experts in the field, who are intimately involved in production procedures.”

The following posters are available from the STAR-K Kosher Classroom:

Is My Chicken Kosher?

Bug Checking by Category

Bug Checking by Fruit/Vegetable

Tevilas Keilim

Terumos and Ma’asros


Pas Haba’ah B’kisnin

Kosher Terms


The International Dateline in Halacha


Cereal and their Brachos

Bikur Cholim

Kashering Liver