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STAR-K's website offers a wealth of information about all things kosher. Have questions about a kosher product? Checking for insects? Approved pain medicines for your baby? Local establishment that sell yoshon? Sabbath Mode appliances? Approved liquors? Passover preparations?
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Ask the Rabbi

for Halachic Guidance

STAR-K launched its Institute of Halacha, under the direction of Rabbi Mordechai Frankel, as a public service to meet the needs of those who have urgent questions for the times they are unable to reach their own rav. When you need answers to halachic questions about any topic, you can always turn to star-k.org and 'Ask the Rabbi.'

Simply pose your question and click submit. You will receive an emailed response (or phone call if you leave a number) addressing your specific concern.
ask the rabbi

Telekosher Webinars

Lunch & Learn

Our hugely popular interactive TeleKosher Webinars are held once a month at noontime. Hosted by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, each 45-minute session focuses on topics of interest to the kosher consumer.

Participants can join online, by phone, or via the ClickMeeting App, and submit questions ahead of time or via chat during the program. Classes are archived on our video channel.
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