STAR-K Summer 5782/2022 Kashrus Training Seminars

19th Annual Kashrus Training Program
July 25-28, 2022

9th Annual Foodservice Mashgiach Training Seminar*
August 1-3, 2022

*The Foodservice course is now full. To be placed on a waiting list, please email [email protected]

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Please note that applicants may apply for only one seminar per year.

Both programs will be held at STAR-K’s Baltimore corporate headquarters.

Each program is limited to 25 attendees.


Kashrus Training Program

This widely acclaimed four-day program provides rabbonim, certifying agency administrators, kollel members, and others serving in klei kodesh, the opportunity to meet the personalities behind the internationally recognized and trusted STAR-K symbol. Attendees will be provided with a hands-on, practical application of the Shulchan Aruch, and learn how to structure a kashrus organization, along with the ins and outs of kashrus challenges at various venues.

Seminar participants will be taken behind the scenes of a first class luxury hotel’s kosher kitchen and a manufacturing plant. They will also benefit from lectures delivered by STAR-K administrators; audio-visual presentations; and a hands-on practicum to find the less obvious thrips and aphids hiding in a restaurant’s vegetables.

To apply to this program, please complete the registration form HERE.

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Foodservice Mashgiach Training Seminar

This intensive three-day seminar is an in-depth training program for those currently involved – or who are interested in becoming involved – as mashgichim in the foodservice industry (e.g., restaurants and catering).

The course deals in depth with all the various issues and skills a mashgiach requires in order to work effectively in all types of settings – restaurants, catering halls, hotels, Shabbos, Yom Tov, etc.

It also offers training and certification in bug checking.

The syllabus does NOT include the kashrus of factories, Pesach, or other topics which are dealt with as part of the STAR-K Kashrus Training Program.

Women may apply to this course. There will be separate seating.

This program is no longer accepting applications.