STAR-K Summer Kashrus Seminars

Please check back after Purim 5781 for information about our summer program.


Kashrus Training Program

The STAR-K’s widely acclaimed Kashrus Training Program has been held annually since 2004, at the STAR-K offices in Baltimore, Maryland. This intensive seminar is limited to 25 students — Rabbonim, certifying agency administrators, kollel members, and others serving in klei kodesh — who will be taken behind the scenes of a first class luxury hotel’s kosher kitchen and a manufacturing plant. Seminar participants will also benefit from lectures delivered by STAR-K administrators, audio-visual presentations, and a hands-on practicum to find the less obvious thrips and aphids hiding in a restaurant’s vegetables.

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Foodservice Mashgiach Training Program

The seminar is for people already involved or interested in becoming Mashgichim in the foodservice industry (e.g. restaurants and catering).The course deals in depth with all the various issues and skills a Mashgiach needs to know in order to work effectively in all types of settings – restaurants, catering halls, hotels, Shabbos, yom tov etc. The course is an extensive, formal training and does offer training and certification in bug checking as well. The course does NOT cover Kashrus of factories, Pesach, etc. or other areas that the STAR-K Annual Kashrus seminar deals with. The course is held at the STAR-K offices in Baltimore each summer. Women may apply to this course (separate seating).