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STAR-K CERTIFICATIONrealizes that there is no substitute for a person's own Rav. However, in today's busy and connected world many people have difficulty getting in touch with their Rabbanim when they are needed. In an effort to offer a solution to this challenge, STAR-K launched its Institute of Halachah as a public service. Over the years, the agency's Kashrus Hotline has answered more and more halachic questions beyond the scope of Kashrus information, from consumers the world over, beyond the standard steady stream of inquiries regarding the kosher status of foods and certified Sabbath mode appliances which has made the STAR-K Kosher Hotline famous. The formation of a separate official division within STAR-K testifies to the need for addressing these issues.

The Institute of Halachah is directed by HaRav Mordechai Frankel, under the guidance of HaRav Moshe Heinemann, STAR-K's Rabbinic Administrator. It is an invaluable resource for a diverse array of rabbis to discuss general halachic matters, as well as gain access to source materials for shiurim and answers to congregants' questions.

Shailos may emailed using the form below, or called into the Institute of Halacha at 410-484-4110 x238. Rabbi Frankel or on occasion another STAR-K Rabbi will respond to your email or return your call if you leave a message and phone number.
Previously Asked Questions
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  • Halacha Questions

  • I will be travelling to India. If I bring my own pan to a hotel, can I get eggs from the hotel and ask the hotel for permission to cook the eggs in my pan?
  • Halacha Questions

  • Where does it say that listening to music is ossur during sefira? I have a Mishna Berura in front of me, but I can’t find it.
  • Halacha Questions

  • I came across a kosher for Passover product which had the following statement printed on the box ? ?Liquified legumous extracts, e.g. corn syrup, in kosher for Passover foods, are fully sanctioned for Ashkenazim and Sephardim alike by preeminent Orthodox halachic authorities including the renowned Posek Hador, R. Yitzchak Elchonon Spector ztl?. I have never seen such a statement before. What is this all about?
  • Halacha Questions

  • I have an opportunity to do the mitzvah of shiluach hakan, as an Orange-breasted Robin made a nest and laid four eggs. The nest is on my property, on a bush right outside my front door. I understand that I need to be mafkir the nest and eggs in front of three people. My question is: Does my wife have to be mafkir the nest and eggs as well since we own the property jointly, or does halacha consider me the sole owner of the nest and eggs? If my wife has to be mafkir as well, can she make me a shliach to be mafkir on her behalf?
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