Star-K Side Bar Fall 2011

Women’s Mashgicha Conference Planned for Fall, 2011

STAR-K’s first Mashgicha Enrichment Program, held in November, 2009, attracted veteran mashgichos from around the U.S. and as far away as Israel.  It was so successful that STAR-K is planning its second all-women conference this coming fall.  The two-day program will be held at its Baltimore headquarters and is open to a limited number of women who are currently employed as mashgichos worldwide.  The curriculum will include kashrus procedures, insect checking, and visits to local food service establishments.

STAR-K Hosts Eighth Annual Kashrus Training Program

Published Fall 2011

In the beginning of 2009, Rabbi Haim Levy moved from Israel to Panama to continue the work of his then recently deceased father, Chief Rabbi Sion Levy, z”l, rav of Congregation Shevet Ahim. When his father arrived in Panama City from Israel in 1951, the country was affluent, yet spiritually poor. Building the community from scratch, it is to the late Rabbi Levy’s credit that of the approximately 10,000-12,000 Jews living in Panama today, about 90% have a kosher home (of which a large percentage eat only kosher outside the home, as well), and Shabbos observance is on the rise. Presently, Panama boasts one of the largest and strongest Jewish communities in Central America.

Keeping Bugs in Check Insect Infestation Revisited

Published Fall 2011

1. Introduction

Over the past number of years, there has been much discussion regarding insect infestation and the procedures used to check fruits and vegetables. Many guides have been published, many lectures and demonstrations have been given, L’Hagdil Torah Ul’hadira. However, infestation can and does change over time,1 so it is worthwhile to step back from time to time and review the facts as well as the procedures used.

Shattered Dreams

Published Fall 2011

One of the most popular articles in Kashrus Kurrents, dating back to my days in kollel, was the article entitled, Preparing the Home for Pesach, written by Rav Heinemann shlita, Rabbinic Administrator of Star-K.  It appeared in one of the Kashrus Kurrents earliest Pesach editions.