How to Kosher a Plant: Individual Stories

It’s Takke a Taco

Those tried and true N.Y. subway travelers of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s remember the memorable poster of the smiling Indian holding a delicious corned beef sandwich with the caption, “You don’t have to be Jewish to Love Levy’s Real Jewish Rye.” Today, with the virtual explosion of ethnic foods, you don’t have to be Japanese to enjoy Sushi, you don’t have to be Italian to enjoy ravioli or minestrone, and you don’t have to be Mexican to enjoy tacos and burritos. However, the common link between all these ethnic foods is that today the kosher consumer can sink his teeth into a delicious enchilada or schwarma that bears reliable kosher certification.
Ordinarily it is not impossible to substitute ingredients to create an […]

An In-Depth Explanation of the Kosher Certification Process

>Get Kosher Certified
What is certified kosher? STAR-K Kosher Food Certification is a guarantee that food products and ingredients meet all kosher requirements. This kosher certificate also authorizes the manufacturer to display the STAR-K emblem on the product to advertise its kosher status.

The procedure for acquiring kosher certification is relatively simple. Upon receipt of your application, a representative of STAR-K will evaluate your company’s ingredients and products. Then a contract will be drafted, detailing all the requirements and obligations of both parties. All kosher requirements, as well as a list of all your ingredients and products, will be enumerated. Furthermore, the contract will outline the correct emblem authorized for each product indicating each product’s Kosher status. A signed contract guarantees that regular visits will be made periodically by a Rabbinic field representative of the STAR-K. The purpose of the Rabbi’s visit is […]

Taking the Mystery Out of the Certification Process

Star-K Kosher Certification is a guarantee that food products and ingredients meet all kosher requirements. The Star-K symbol has worldwide recognition and acceptability, with its certified Star-K products being sold around the globe. Certification authorizes the manufacturer to place the Star-K emblem on the product packaging to demonstrate its kosher status.

We believe that it is worthwhile to take time to study the different services offered by the many different certifying agencies. Making the right choice, an informed choice because you have asked the right questions, is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not your company receives maximum benefit from kosher certification. We suggest that you take a few moments to read “How to Choose A Kosher Certification,” which will provide you with helpful hints regarding questions you should be asking.

1. No Obligation Application
The procedure for […]

Guideline of the Certification Process

Application requesting kosher certification submitted*

STAR-K contacts applicant to begin the review process*

Applicant provides a list of all ingredients and names of suppliers*

STAR-K reviews data and estimated fees*

STAR-K makes an initial inspection which includes a thorough review of all ingredients, all plant equipment, and manufacturing processes

STAR-K submits a contract proposal outlining all agreed upon terms for kosher certification

After all terms and issues have been satisfied, STAR-K issues a letter of certification, authorizing use of the STAR-K symbol on the products approved

*These are […]