Heating & Cooling – Using Ice from an Ice Maker on Shabbos | Using an Electric Hot Water Heater on Yom Tov

Kashrus Kurrents Winter 2008

Q: My freezer has an ice making machine, which has an arm that rises as ice is produced and lowers when ice is removed. I generally turn the machine off before Shabbos by lifting the arm until it is fully raised. If I forget to do this, can I remove ice on Shabbos from the ice maker?

A: There are various types of ice maker machines available, and they do not all work in the same way.  However, many of the commonly available models employ the following mechanism.  The ice making process begins when the ice maker signals the water valve to open, and a specified amount of […]

Birchas Hachama 5769

Published Winter 2008

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Bayamim Haheim Bazman Hazeh: Olive Oil – The Contemporary Industry of Antiquity

Published Winter 2008

Olive oil, the liquid gold of the ancients, was touted for its nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic value.  As a fuel, olive oil illuminated the home; as a food ingredient, it was a feast to the palate.  Olive oil production is one of the world’s oldest industries.  Interestingly, much of this ancient industry has not changed over the millennia.