Star-K Side Bar Winter 2008

Other News From The STAR-K

Star-K Kashrus Training Program

Star-K’s 6th Annual Kashrus Training Program is gearing up for another season this summer. This highly acclaimed intensive seminar is held at Star-K’s offices in Baltimore, Maryland, and is limited to 25 students – rabbonim, kollel members, and others serving as klei kodesh – who have studied Yorah Deah. In addition to lectures, audio-visual presentations and a hands-on practicum, several field trips are planned. Applications will be available beginning in February. Stay tuned for details!

Star-K Shidduch Program Up”date”

Keep thinking of those shidduchim! To date, STAR-K’s Shadchan Incentive Program has awarded a sizeable sum to the shadchanim of over 90 successful shidduchim, since the program started four years ago. For program rules, call the Star-K office at 410-484-4110 ext. 217 or visit Star-K online here. Click on Programs/Shidduch Incentive Program/“Striking Matches: Star-K Partnering with Shadchanim.”