There is a general rule in Halacha, Jewish Law, governing natural derivatives from Kosher and non-Kosher animals. Kol hayotzei min hatahor tahor, vichol hayotzei min hatamei tamei. Derivatives from a Kosher species are Kosher, while derivatives from a non-Kosher species are not. Therefore, milk produced by Kosher mammals, such as cows, goats, and sheep, are considered Kosher, while milk from non-Kosher mammals, such as horses, pigs, camels, or whales, are forbidden.

Food technology has made enormous strides since Miss Muffet sat down to her feast of curds and whey. Today whey has emerged as one of the most versatile food components with many new and exciting food applications. Typically, whey cream can be churned into butter or be converted into ricotta cheese. Whey can be dried into a powder and be used as a basic ingredient in cereals, baked beans, hot cocoa, and seasonings. Whey protein concentrate is a fundamental ingredient in infant formula and bakery products. Lactose, the milk sugar found in whey, is used as a flavor enhancer or a carrier in pharmaceuticals. In addition, whey is converted into alcohol and used in alcoholic beverages. Clearly the industry continues to discover whey’s versatility. Where does whey come from and what, if any, are the kashrus issues relating to whey in general, and cholov yisroel in […]

Published Spring 2011

If Miss Muffet was a conscientious seminary girl, sitting down to a meal of curds and whey would not be so simple.  There is much to consider.  Was the milk Cholov Yisroel?  Does the milk have to be Cholov Yisroel?  Was the starter culture Cholov Yisroel?  What rennet was used to coagulate the milk?  Did the mashgiach add the coagulants to make the curds and whey?  Are all curds and whey created equal?

Published Spring 2011
Updated Winter 2016

“I’ll have a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato please.” If the aforementioned expression is something you find yourself saying (and understanding) on a regular basis, then pay close attention to what we are about to tell you ( for the uninitiated, we are discussing a large, high-calorie Starbucks drink be’laz) .

Over the past few months the Star-K at the behest of Starbucks (disclaimer: there is no family relation, we just happen to both be Stars in our respective industries) has conducted a top to bottom review of Starbucks stores, procedures, products, ingredients and suppliers. As a result we are now in a much better position to recommend more of the popular Starbucks items available. It must be made clear though, that many of our original concerns regarding Full-service Starbucks stores that offer non-kosher items still exist but we have been able to mitigate these concerns […]