Side Bar Spring 2012: STAR-K Welcomes Baltimore’s Tudor Heights Senior Assisted Living

STAR-K Welcomes Baltimore’s Tudor Heights Senior Assisted Living

Senior Lifestyle Corporation, a family owned Jewish company and a leader among senior living communities, operating over 75 properties in the U.S, has ventured into the world of kosher, according to Tudor Heights Senior Assisted Living’s new executive director, David Lapin.  Senior Lifestyle residential communities are unique in that they custom-tailor every aspect for the particular populations it services.   In this regard, Tudor Heights now offers a fully STAR-K certified kosher kitchen and dining room, in addition to boasting a local community-based management team that will cater to its kosher clientele, both literally and figuratively!  The newly renovated and expanded 64-room historic retirement community in Baltimore has a 70 resident capacity; it presently accommodates 36 residents.  For more information about Tudor Heights’ assisted living amenities, its Legacy, memory care programs, or its Passover respite program, please call 410-318-8000.

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Guidelines for Men’s Haircuts

Kashrus Kurrents Spring 2012

Q: When my barber works on the area around my ear and temple, what I am allowed to let him do and what should I stop him from doing?

The Secret Ingredient

Published Spring 2012

One of the trademarks of the Star-K is that it encourages its staff to respond to consumer kashrus inquiries. All too often, after eating a yummy treat, a consumer will notice a seemingly questionable item listed on the wrapper’s ingredient panel. They will then call the Star-K hotline in a frantic state because they fear they may have eaten something non-kosher, only to learn that they most likely mistook the ingredient for something else or that the ingredient has a kosher counterpart. The following is a list of commonly questioned ingredients that regularly appear on the labels of popular foods that we eat.

Electric Shavers

Published Spring 2012

Since the Star-K often receives questions regarding the use of electric shavers, this article will address the halachic concerns of removing one’s facial hair.  The Torah states “לא תקפו פאת ראשכם ולא תשחית את פאת זקנך” , Do not round the corners of one’s head, and do not destroy the corner of one’s beardויקרא י”ט כ) ). The Torah continues, “ופאת זקנם לא יגלחו” (ויקרא כ”א ה ) and the corner of one’s beard they shall not shave.