The Secret Ingredient

Published Spring 2012

One of the trademarks of the Star-K is that it encourages its staff to respond to consumer kashrus inquiries. All too often, after eating a yummy treat, a consumer will notice a seemingly questionable item listed on the wrapper’s ingredient panel. They will then call the Star-K hotline in a frantic state because they fear they may have eaten something non-kosher, only to learn that they most likely mistook the ingredient for something else or that the ingredient has a kosher counterpart. The following is a list of commonly questioned ingredients that regularly appear on the labels of popular foods that we eat.

Keeping Your Cool: All About Refrigerators

Few of us can remember life in the kitchen without the help of a refrigerator. Probably the most used appliance in the home, the electric refrigerator was mass produced as a home appliance in the early 1920’s. Although many improvements and modifications have taken place over the years, the basic principles employed in the home refrigerator remain the same.

How Refrigeration Works

The natural laws of physics dictate that as a liquid evaporates into a gas, it absorbs heat from the surrounding areas. In turn, these surrounding areas become cold. (If you touch the cylinder supplying gas to a barbecue grill, you will notice the cylinder getting cold and icy because the liquid in the cylinder is rapidly changing to a gas as it leaves the cylinder to provide fuel for the flame.) Although we may view our refrigerator as a […]