Insights from the Institute Summer 2012

Q: I have a number of utensils which need kashering through hagalah (immersion in boiling water). Which materials may and may not be kashered?

Indulging L’Mehadrin

Published Summer 2012

Not too long ago, prior to the flood of Jewish children recordings, my children listened to a popular recording of birthday party songs.   One popular song that stands out in my memory is the song beginning with the following lyrics:

Everyone loves ice cream, yes indeed they do,
Everyone loves ice cream, I do – do you?
Search the whole world over travel near and far,
‘Cause everyone loves ice cream, no matter where they are.

A Traveler’s Guide to the International Dateline

Published Summer 2012

Click here for a handy printable map.

In today’s global market, the furthest regions of the Earth are much closer to home than one could ever imagine.  For example, citric acid – an integral ingredient in soft drinks, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – a common nutrient, and amino acids used in numerous food items, are produced in a variety of Star-K certified Chinese plants.  Star-K certified glycerine is manufactured in the Philippines and shipped to the United States.  Mashgichim are frequently sent to Thailand, Fiji, Vietnam, and Indonesia to oversee production of kosher spices, tuna fish, and canned fruits and vegetables.  The Star-K has an office in Shanghai to administer the supervision and inspect facilities.