Star-K Companies manufacturing in the Asia Pacific 亚太地区获得Star-K认证的公司

The STAR-K Asia Pacific offices, located in Shanghai, China and Perth, Australia , coordinated over 300 certified factories located in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. A staff headed by Rabbi Amos Benjamin travels to factories throughout the Asia Pacific on a regular basis to establish and maintain Kosher certification programs at these plants .They also meet with plant personnel to explain the significance of the certification symbol.

由犹太牧师Amos Benjamin所带领的员工定期对该地区工厂进行认证、

The following is the most current list of STAR-K’ s certified companies
manufacturing in the Asia Pacific:

Company Endorsements 客户评价

Northeast General Pharmaceutical, China

Northeast General Pharmaceutical is one of the largest Pharmaceutical raw material
producers in China .Our products are exported to countries all over the world. Kosher Certification with the Star-K Certification Organization has strengthened our global reputation and greatly improved our export sales


自2000年东药产品获得 STAR-K 证书后,其销售额剧增, 国际竞争力明显提 升。

Why Do I need kosher? 如何获得Kosher认证?

Why Do I need Kosher? 为什么需要Kosher认证?

The Global Demand for Kosher Over the past twenty-five years, the demand for
kosher certified products has increased dramatically. In order to export to the United
States and Europe, Kosher Certification is becoming a requirement.


The worldwide kosher food market has been growing at an annual rate of 15% for the
past several years. In order to meet this demand, companies throughout the world are
seeking kosher certification to expand their export business and existing
market .Many of there companies have chosen the STAR-K kosher certification and
are enjoying the marketing benefits this certification offers. The STAR-K symbol can
open new markets never before accessed.

此类公司选择了STAR-K Kosher认证,同时分享STAR-K认证 所提供的市

According to data complied in the year 2001 by integrated Marketing Communication
(USA company),Inc;There are 65,000 different kosher certified food packaged
products on the today.

9200 companies currently produce products for the kosher market.
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What is Kosher? 么是Kosher?

Definition of Kosher . Kosher 的定义

Kosher is a large set of Jewish dietary laws that have been strictly followed
for thousands of yeas. A Rabbi is a Jewish leader who studies Jewish law
for many years. A Rabbi must receive certification and a license to practice,
similar to an attorney. The Rabbis’ interpret the Jewish food laws and
administer their enforcement. These law determine which foods are acceptable
to the Jewish Law. The word Kosher is form the Hebrew (Hebrew is the Jewish
language) word meaning acceptable or proper. It refers to foods and food
ingredients that meet the dietary requirements of Jewish Law. The test of Kosher
and non-kosher depends on two points: the starting material of the products and
the; cleaning and maintenance of the production equipment. A common
misunderstanding is that food and food ingredients become Kosher with the special
words […]

How do I obtain Kosher Certification? 如何获得Kosher认证?

How do I obtain Kosher Certification

Step1 Complete Application 第一步:填写申请表
The information you put in the application provides us with a profile of your
company, the starting ingredients used, and your products. Please be assured that all
the information you provide us will be held in strict confidence. This is strictly
agreed in the contract between the Star-K and your company. Our reputation over the
past 50 years has been built on your confidentiality with our customers’ processes and
ingredients. We would be happy to sigh a non-disclosure agreement.

贵公司申请表中的信息 能让我们了解到贵公司及产品的大致情况,譬如所

Your application will be reviewed in order to determine the feasibility of your company’s products being certified kosher.
You will then be assigned a Kosher Administrator who will be your connection with the STAR-K and will assist you in the certification process. Our staff will assist you with every step of the certification […]

How Much Does Kosher Certification Cost? 认证费用

How much does kosher certification cost?

With staff based in China, STAR-K is able to offer very competitive rates with fast and efficient service. Most rates are quoted at a flat rate that includes travel for inspection. STAR -K does not charge an application fee. Plants which manufacture a more complicated product, thereby requiring more frequent visitations, will generally pay a higher certification fee. Before a contract is signed, a detailed cost analysis will be presented to the perspective customer for approval. We appreciate your interest in STAR-K Kosher Certification.

STAR-K 中国办事处员工以其极具竞争力的价格,为您提供快速、有效的服务。

STAR-K 并不收取申请费,但由于某些工厂的产品工艺相对复杂,需要多次审核,故而认证费用有所增加。在正式协议签署前,我们一般会提交给客户详细的报价单以便核准。

感谢您对STAR-K Kosher 认证的关注。

Frequently Asked Questions	 常见问题

Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题

1)Will STAR-K guarantee sales increases with certification? STAR-K认证能够保证销售的增长吗?

No, we cannot guarantee a sales increase. We are not marketing the product being certified.
However, many distributors in the USA and Europe look for products that are Kosher certified.
Having certification can therefore enhance marketability of your products.

不能,Star-K 法保证您的产品销量一定会有增长。我们并不对通过认证的产品进行任何推销活动。

2)Will the STAR-K introduce new customers? STAR-K会介绍新的客户吗?

Star-K does not actively promote products. Our job is to certify that products are Kosher.
Often a manufacturer or distributor will call to ask if we know of a supplier for a product
that is Kosher. We give precedence to Star-K certified products when marketing our recommendations.

并且会优先推荐通过 Star-K 认证的企业。

3) May I refuse to disclose production processes or ingredients to Star-K?

Star-K certifies many companies with whom we have proprietary agreements not to
disclose any information. We are prepared to enter into such agreements with our
customers. As a certification organization, […]