Over the past forty years, the demand for kosher-certified products has increased dramatically and kosher is currently one of the hottest food trends. Steady growth at an annual rate of 15% over the last decade has led to an exponential rise in the numbers of products now available to the kosher consumer. Certified kosher food sales are forecasted to surpass $300 billion by 2013, and those numbers are expected to stay strong. There are many reasons for this surge in revenue, and these are explored below.According to data compiled by Lubicom Marketing and Consulting, LLC, in September 2011:

Consumers in the United States are spending over $12.5 billion annually on ‘traditional’ kosher food products
Consumers today can choose from 135,000 different kosher-certified retail food products, a marked increase from 1977 when less than 2,000 such products were certified kosher
Over 10,000 American companies produce products for the kosher market
Over 8,000 new products […]

A kosher certification agency is an organization of Rabbis, food technologists, and field supervisors with the expertise and resources to execute the Laws of Kashrus. It is responsible for assuring Kosher consumers that food products and ingredients meet all kosher requirements. Once these requirements have been met, a letter of certification is issued to the manufacturer who is then authorized to advertise its kosher status, and display the kosher symbol and promote the product as kosher.

All kosher certification agencies are not identical. It is essential that the kosher certification agency has widespread acceptability so that a product bearing its symbol can be marketed to as wide an audience as possible. The manufacturer can then take advantage of the rapidly growing demand for kosher food.