Star-K Side Bar Spring 2011

Other News From The STAR-K

Women’s Mashgicha Conference Planned for Fall, 2011

STAR-K’s first Mashgicha Enrichment Program, held in November, 2009, attracted veteran mashgichos from around the U.S. and as far away as Israel.  It was so successful that STAR-K is planning its second all-women conference this coming fall.  The two-day program will be held at its Baltimore headquarters and is open to a limited number of women who are currently employed as mashgichos worldwide.  The curriculum will include kashrus procedures, insect checking, and visits to local food service establishments.

For further information on the Star-K Kashrus Mashgicha Conference, or to register, please email us or contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, (410) 484-4110, extension 219.


STAR-K’s 8th Annual Kashrus Training Program

STAR-K’s Kashrus Training Program will be held from Monday July 25, 2011 through Thursday, July 28, 2011.  This intensive seminar, held at STAR-K’s offices in Baltimore, Maryland, is limited to 25 students– rabbonim, kollel fellows, and others serving in klei kodesh–who have studied Yorah Deah.  In addition to lectures, audio-visual presentations and a hands-on practicum, several field trips are planned.

Applications are available online at here For further information contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, (410) 484-4110, extension 219.

As a result of a recent investigation, we have found it possible that Quinoa’s  Kosher for Passover status is compromised when it grows or is processed in the proximity of chometz grains.

Therefore, Quinoa will only be accepted with reliable Kosher for Passover supervision.