Bug Checking Kit

The STAR-K Bug Checking Kit includes everything you need to properly check your produce for insects.

The bug checking bundle includes:

  • 17″x20″ reusable fine mesh thrip cloth
  • 40×25 mm LED-illuminated folding jeweler’s loupe, battery operated with on/off switch
  • STAR-K’s full-color laminated bug checking chart

Price: $16.99

Purchase Options

  • Order directly from Amazon. (Disregard product description on the site as it is incorrect. See note below.)
  • Available locally at Seven Mile Market, 201 Reisterstown Road, and at the Seforim Nook, 7006 Reisterstown Road, in the Colonial Village Shopping Center in Pikesville.

PLEASE NOTE: Amazon has incorrectly listed our STAR-K Bug Checking Kit as “Kosher Vegetable Checking Cloth (Thrip Cloth).” When you place your order for this kit from Amazon, be assured that your order will include the complete kit as pictured here. The price is correct. We are working with Amazon to resolve the issue.

Information about purchasing STAR-K light boxes can be found here.