STAR-K Light Box

The STAR-K Light Box is a user-friendly tool that will greatly simplify your bug-checking needs.

The light box’s design includes STAR-K’s full-color BUG CHECKING CHART on the reverse side, with clear instructions for how to check every category of produce.

The side panel displays high-resolution, color images of COMMON INSECTS FOUND ON PRODUCE to give users a handy reference guide to help identify the type of bugs they might find while checking.

Additionally, the light box features:

  • LED light with adjustable brightness
  • a large, neutral surface
  • waterproof surface and casing

Price: $65

Purchase Options

  • Order directly from Judaica Spot.
  • Available at the Seforim Nook, 7006 Reisterstown Road, in the Colonial Village Shopping Center in Pikesville. Call 410-840-7677 for more information.
  • In-person pickup at the STAR-K office. Call 410-484-4110 for more information.

Information about purchasing bug checking kits can be found here.