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The Kosher Conversation Episode 15: Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-Grown Meat

In this episode we explore the halachic ramifications of cultured meat, (also known as lab-grown or synthetic meat). Rabbi Daniel Friedman shares his pioneering work with us, and Rabbi Joel Kenigsberg keeps us abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Learn how synthetic meat is made! What is it? Can it be Kosher? Can it Be Parve?

Also, a rare recording of Rav Moshe Heinemann. shlita, addressing these issues.

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The Kosher Conversation Episode 13: Nikkur and Melicha

Nikkur and Melicha With Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld

In this episode we go in depth about the steps taken to prepare kosher meat for consumption – nikkur and melicha.

Rabbi Kurcfeld, drawing on his experience in this field, and describes the various parts of the animal, and how they are prepared by removing cheilev, the forbidden fats, and how the blood is removed through salting.

Bonus Question! Is pate de foie gras kosher?

The Kosher Conversation Episode 12: Kosher Meat Production

Kosher Meat Production with Rabbi Tzvi Shaul Goldberg

In this episode, Rabbi Tzvi Shaul Goldberg, Kashrus Administrator at the STAR-K, takes us through the various steps of kosher meat production. Hear about the thought, the training and the skill that go into shechita, bedika, nikkur, and melicha, as Rabbi Goldberg talks about his personal experience and training in the field. 

Learn about some of the gritty details that need to be observed to determine if a shechita is acceptable.

Finally, unravel some of the mystery surrounding chassidishe shechita!

The Kosher Conversation Episode 11: Shochtim and Chalafim

Rav Moshe Heinemann on Shochtim and Chalafim

In this episode Rav Heinemann discusses what exactly “kabbalah” for shechita means, and what a shochet needs to know to qualify. 

We also take a look at the knives used for shechita, and learn about the Rov’s personal chalaf collection.

The Kosher Conversation Episode 10: Which Meat Is Kosher?

Rav Moshe Heinemann on Which Meat is Kosher

In this episode Rav Heinemann discusses the traditions to eat various animals. Some of the topics discussed:

What makes a chicken a chicken? Is turkey kosher? Do we need a mesorah for various breeds of cows? Can we shecht giraffes?

All this and much more on this episode of the Kosher Conversation!

The Kosher Conversation Episode 14

Rabbi Moshe Yurman is one of the few chalaf-machers (knife makers) in the United States today. In this episode, he discusses the requirements and techniques of working  steel into the best possible knife for shechita with Rabbi Zvi Holland.

How do you make a blade from a blank?How do you keep it sharp?Does modern technology affect these specialized chalafim?Do Italian barbers come into the picture?

All this and much, much more on this Episode of the Kosher Conversation

Bonus Content:

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