Sub-Zero Legacy Designer Series (IT, IC, ID, IW) Appliance Purchased Between 2017-Present: Important Guidance for Consumers

September 26, 2023

Please be advised that Designer Series products (models IT, IC, ID, IW) that have the Smart Grid Option enabled for connection to either the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App or third-party home system do not return to Sabbath Mode after a power outage.

Please refer consumers to the manufacturer’s recommendations at the Sub-Zero website which notes:

To prevent this, the Smart Grid Option must be disabled.

Disabling the Smart Grid Option prevents the unit from being connected to the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App or third-party home system.

A Wi-Fi icon or home and power cord icon appears when the unit has the Smart Grid Option enabled.

The unit does not have to be paired to the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App or a third-party home system for this issue to occur. The Smart Grid Option must be disabled regardless of connected status.

This issue has been resolved in newer models but affects consumers of […]

Wolf Cooktop Alert

January 27, 2023

It has come to STAR-K’s attention that there is a potential halachic issue with some Wolf cooktops that have the auto-ignite feature.

When a burner is on, opening or closing a drawer or cabinet door near the cooktop might extinguish the burner flame, which will automatically reignite.

The manufacturer has informed us that this poses no safety concern, as the flame comes back right away. However, this does present a halachic concern for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

STAR-K advises consumers to conduct the following test on a weekday:

Observe the cooktop under normal cooking conditions while opening and closing drawers and cabinet doors in the vicinity of the cooktop.

Verify that the burner remains on without interruption.

If testing indicates that opening or shutting a particular door or drawer does cause the burner to extinguish and reignite, that drawer should not be opened or closed on Shabbos and Yom Tov when the […]

Thermador Oven Alert

April 7, 2021

BSH Home Appliances has recently discovered a glitch in the
Thermador Professional Series Double Wall Ovens. The Sabbath mode operation is
working properly, but the temperature adjustment allowance during Sabbath mode
is not working once Sabbath is activated.

The following products are affected:




Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Select


Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Deluxe, Left Side-Opening


Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Deluxe, Right Side-Opening


Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Deluxe


Spec Dbl, 30″, SS, Deluxe, Steam and Convection Oven

This issue can be fixed through
a software update and BSH has already initiated actions to implement the fix
within the factory, as well as an […]

GE Sabbath Mode Oven Alert

Effective January 1, 2022, GE began marketing their Sabbath Mode ovens without STAR-K certification. Certified ovens purchased and delivered prior to January 1, 2022, remain certified.

Consumers seeking to purchase cooking appliances compatible with Shabbos and Yom Tov are advised to select models certified by a reliable kashrus organization.

Consumers who have questions or concerns about this issue can contact GE directly at 1-800-626-2005.