Thermador Oven Alert

April 7, 2021

BSH Home Appliances has recently discovered a glitch in the Thermador Professional Series Double Wall Ovens. The Sabbath mode operation is working properly, but the temperature adjustment allowance during Sabbath mode is not working once Sabbath is activated.

The following products are affected:

Product Description
PO302W Pro Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Select
POD302LW Pro Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Deluxe, Left Side-Opening
POD302RW Pro Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Deluxe, Right Side-Opening
POD302W Pro Dbl Oven, 30″, SS, Deluxe
PODS302W Pro Spec Dbl, 30″, SS, Deluxe, Steam and Convection Oven

This issue can be fixed through a software update and BSH has already initiated actions to implement the fix within the factory, as well as an “over-the-air” update. Units in the field must be connected to the Home Connect App to receive the notification for the software update. To complete the operation, customers must accept the software update either on the App or on the appliance display. 

In instances where the appliances are not connected, customers can contact our Customer Service via email at [email protected] or via phone at 1-800-735-4328 for further instructions and support.

As an interim solution for the upcoming holiday, we recommend setting up each cavity at a different temperature.