Sub-Zero Legacy Designer Series (IT, IC, ID, IW) Appliance Purchased Between 2017-Present: Important Guidance for Consumers

September 26, 2023

Please be advised that Designer Series products (models IT, IC, ID, IW) that have the Smart Grid Option enabled for connection to either the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App or third-party home system do not return to Sabbath Mode after a power outage.

Please refer consumers to the manufacturer’s recommendations at the Sub-Zero website which notes:

  • To prevent this, the Smart Grid Option must be disabled.
  • Disabling the Smart Grid Option prevents the unit from being connected to the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App or third-party home system.
  • A Wi-Fi icon or home and power cord icon appears when the unit has the Smart Grid Option enabled.
  • The unit does not have to be paired to the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App or a third-party home system for this issue to occur. The Smart Grid Option must be disabled regardless of connected status.

This issue has been resolved in newer models but affects consumers of older models. Please refer to the chart below to help identify the consumers who may be affected:

Model PrefixModel DescriptionMfg Start DateMfg End Date
ID-Integrated Drawer (ID)Dec 2017Still in production; update pending in 2024
IC-Integrated Column (IC)Feb 2018Nov 2022
IT-Integrated Tall (IT)Feb 2018Nov 2022
IW-Integrated Wine (IW)Feb 2019Aug 2022

For reference, appliance model information and manufacture date are clearly noted on the serial number label. See sample label below: