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Passover In Brief

Passover, an eight-day springtime festival, commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage. Based on the injunction against eating or possessing leavened bread for eight days, Passover involves a unique set of kosher laws. Kosher consumers are most careful about what they eat on Passover. In fact, many people who do not observe kosher year-round may do so on Passover. According to some accounts, 40% of the kosher market revolves around the Passover holiday.

Passover’s strict prohibitions guard against eating food products containing any edible fermented grain products known as chometz. Included in this category are wheat, barley, oats, spelt or rye which have been leavened due to contact with water. Jews are expected not to derive any pleasure or benefit whatsoever from chometz. Furthermore, a Jew may not own chometz or have chometz in his possession.

Ensuring that foods are kosher for Passover […]

Matzah For All: The Sugya and Saga of Oat Matzos

Pesach 2022 (Revised)



Much has been written about the
relatively recent innovation of matzah made from oats. The value of publishing
another treatment on the topic is twofold: to provide current information, and
also to maintain an awareness that oat matzos are not simply another, albeit
more expensive, variety available to consumers. Rather, they are a niche
product intended for a specific demographic group. To a lesser extent, some of
the issues may apply to spelt matzos as well.

I am indebted to מו”ר הרה”ג HaRav Abba Zvi Naiman שליט”א, Mara D’Asra in Bais Medrash of Ranchleigh, for including an earlier draft of this article as part of the eleventh edition of Kuntress Lemaan Tesapeir for Peach 5782. This excellent journal has been published by the kehilla yearly since 5772. Back issues are available for download at: www.zichronyaakoveliyahu.org/publications.html.

Also, the article can be viewed in the Passover section […]

The Traveler’s Halachic Guide to Hotels – Including Guidelines for Pesach and Shabbos

Updated October 2022

Yosef chose the hotel he was staying in for its many amenities, not the least of which was the free Continental Breakfast it offered its guests. Surely, when kosher symbols on products are becoming more and more prevalent, he wouldn’t starve! The breakfast menu included cereals, pancakes, waffles, muffins, pre-cut fruits and vegetables, hardboiled eggs, as well as hot coffee and juices. Can Yosef eat anything offered on the Continental Breakfast menu, or should he prepare his own breakfast using the microwave and coffeemaker in his hotel room?

Chana’s brother’s bar mitzvah, held in a hotel during Shabbos, turned out to be a real nightmare! The closet light went on automatically when she opened the closet door; the housekeeper had turned off the light in her room, preventing her from reviewing her Parsha notes; she drank a bottle of water from her room’s ‘refreshment bar’ which unbeknown to her […]

The Kosher Conversation Episode 3: Pesach Hotels

Pesach Hotels with Rabbi Zvi Holland

Pesach hotels are a long-standing, much maligned institution in Jewish communities in America and around the world. Rabbi Holland takes us behind the scenes and gives us his insight into what it takes to plan, prepare and run a Kosher for Passover program.

Maryland Beer Alert Pesach 2022/5782

Updated April 4, 2022

It has come to our attention that two large beer distribution companies, who are the exclusive distributors of many brands in Maryland, are Jewish owned. Due to numerous challenges, a proper sale of Chometz is not possible. As a result, many brands of beer sold in our area will be “Chometz She’avar Alav HaPesach”. The problematic beer in stock will not be depleted until sometime in June. Please check our website after June 1st for an update. Until that time, the beers on the list here should not be purchased. We do not have any information about beers sold outside of Maryland.

For a list of stores where brands listed may be purchased in Maryland see here.

Additionally, one may purchase beer at the following stores with the listed conditions:

Accents Liquor Store (new!) – All beer in the store
Dugan’s – Only beer that has an approval sticker bearing the STAR-K symbol and Hebrew signature of Mashgiach.
Kosher […]