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to Enhance Kashrus Awareness for Mashgichos

Star-K’s annual Kashrus Training Seminar has helped prepare men who are in pursuit of a professional career in kosher supervision, as well as those presently in the field who wish to fine-tune their skills. But now, say the women mashgichos who work for various kashrus agencies, the time has come for a similar albeit separate opportunity to enhance the skills they have been practicing in the field for decades.

To accommodate these mashgichos, STAR-K will hold a for-women-only program to enhance kashrus awareness scheduled for November 2-3 in the agency’s Baltimore offices. The seminar will feature the following topics: determining acceptability of products; understanding the dynamics of kashrus in America; setting up a kosher kitchen; shul kitchen guidelines; effective vegetable checking for infestation; and challenges in the workplace, including establishing respect in the kitchen.

Drawing on the expertise of the world renowned Star-K staff, the program’s sessions will be led by Star-K’s Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann in addition to Star-K President, Dr. Avrom Pollak and STAR-K Kashrus Administrators. Field visits to a restaurant, bakery, and hotel will complete this unique experience.

For further information on the Star-K Kashrus Mashgicha Kashrus Enhancement Program, or to register, contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, (410) 484-4110, extension 219, or check our website.

Appliance Alert: Freezers

Before buying a freezer, be sure to determine that there is no door alarm or digital temperature display. More & more freezers have this technology. If you do purchase such a freezer, be certain that the alarm and displays can be deactivated, so that you can use the freezer on Shabbos & YomTov.