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The Star-K family

The Star-K family notes with sorrow the passing of our co-worker and friend, Ms. Rebecca Mark a”h. For the past 10 years, Rebecca was our Director of Communications involved with our Public Relations Department. She also served as the liaison for Star-K’s shidduch Incentive Program. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her family. May her memory be a blessing.

Oat Matzos Update

We have been informed by Dayan Osher Westheim shlit”a of Mancheshter, U.K. that Kestenbaum Brand Oat Matzos, under the certification of Badatz Igud Rabbanim of Manchester, will be produced for Pesach 5771/2011 using oats that have not been heat treated prior to their being used for matzah production.  This means that according to all opinions, these matzos will be fit for the mitzvah of Achilas Matzah at the Seder.  Also, all oat flour used will be yoshon.

Check for Insects ebook

Star-K’s online Check for Insects site has received millions of visitors since it became available last year. We have continually updated the site’s information based on current conditions and have enhanced its features based on your feedback. The most frequent request we receive is to create a printable guide that can be used offline and in the home.

The Check for Insects ebook is now ready and available as a free download. Visit here for more information.