Consumer Confidence

Published Winter 2016

Often when consumers purchase meat from a butcher shop, or eat at a restaurant or catered event, they are unaware of the original hashgacha that certified the meat as kosher at its point of origin. They place their confidence in the retail establishment’s kosher certification to determine the acceptability of the received product.
Some shoppers have a preference for meat produced by specific companies, trusting that this producer always conforms to a single set of kosher standards. However, unbeknownst to the consumer the company may actually produce their products at different locations, supervised by various hashgochos that do not all share the same standards. In January 2016, Congress repealed country-of-origin labeling laws for packaged meat products, making it more difficult for consumers to track where their meat comes from.
STAR-K certified meat/poultry companies and retail establishments consistently satisfy the requirements set by HaRav Moshe Heinemann, shlit”a, regardless of the brand name or kosher symbol that appears on the final packaging.

Current list of STAR-K certified meat processors and retailers:
Hanging (unsalted, non-traibored), that need further kosher processing

  • Bierig Brothers – Vineland NJ (Veal and Lamb)
  • George G. Ruppersberger – Baltimore, MD (Beef and Lamb)
  • JW Treuth and Sons – Baltimore, MD (Beef)

Boxed, Koshered and Traibored Meat & Poultry

  • Ameriprime/Alony Glatt – Baltimore MD (Beef, Veal and Lamb)
  • Bierig Brothers – Vineland NJ (Veal and Lamb)
  • Birdsboro Kosher Farms – Birdsboro, PA (Poultry)
  • Empire Kosher Poultry – Mifflintown, PA (Poultry)
  • George G. Ruppersberger – Baltimore, MD (Beef and Lamb)
  • Glatt Ranch – Dallas, TX (Beef)
  • Kol Foods – Washington, DC (Beef, Lamb, Poultry)
  • M&D Glatt – Brooklyn, NY (Beef, Veal and Lamb)
  • Prime Fleisch – Brooklyn, NY (Beef, Veal and Lamb)
  • Quality Kosher/KJ Poultry – Monroe, NY (Poultry)
  • Regal Glatt Kosher Meat – Brooklyn, NY
  • Shuky Kosher, Mexico City – Mexico (Beef, Lamb, Veal and Poultry)
  • Wise Organic Pastures – Brooklyn, NY (Poultry)

Processed Meats

  • Aufschnitt Meats – Baltimore, MD
  • Birdsboro Kosher Farms – Birdsboro, PA
  • Holy Cow – Newark, NJ
  • Kol Foods – Silver Spring, MD
  • Quality Meat Processing – Monsey, NY
  • Regal Glatt Kosher Deli – Brooklyn, NY
  • Shuky Kosher, Mexico City – Mexico

Butcher Shops

  • Glatt Mart – Brooklyn, NY
  • Seasons – Baltimore, MD (coming soon)
  • Seven Mile Market – Baltimore, MD
  • Shlomo’s Meat Market – Baltimore, MD
  • Shoprite of Plainview, Kosher Experience – Plainview, NY
  • Shuky Kosher, Mexico City – Mexico (four locations)
  • Wasserman & Lemberger – Baltimore, MD

Furthermore, STAR-K maintains a detailed list of meat and poultry, certified by other hechsheirim, that is reviewed regularly, in person, by STAR-K Shechitah staff for acceptability per Harav Heinemann’s guidelines. This list is constantly revised. Mashgichim working at STAR-K certified retailers, caterers, and restaurants verify that incoming meat to their facility originates only from STAR-K certified or approved sources.
Over the course of any given year, STAR-K responds to thousands of inquiries from consumers, rabbonim and local vaadim who are interested in ensuring that the meat they eat has been reviewed by STAR-K Shechitah staff and approved by Rav Heinemann, shlit”a. STAR-K is dedicated to providing kosher consumers and communities first-hand information on the kashrus standards of meat. For more information, contact us at 410-484-4110 or [email protected].