Why Do I need kosher? 如何获得Kosher认证?

Why Do I need Kosher? 为什么需要Kosher认证?

The Global Demand for Kosher Over the past twenty-five years, the demand for
kosher certified products has increased dramatically. In order to export to the United
States and Europe, Kosher Certification is becoming a requirement.


The worldwide kosher food market has been growing at an annual rate of 15% for the
past several years. In order to meet this demand, companies throughout the world are
seeking kosher certification to expand their export business and existing
market .Many of there companies have chosen the STAR-K kosher certification and
are enjoying the marketing benefits this certification offers. The STAR-K symbol can
open new markets never before accessed.

此类公司选择了STAR-K Kosher认证,同时分享STAR-K认证 所提供的市

According to data complied in the year 2001 by integrated Marketing Communication
(USA company),Inc;There are 65,000 different kosher certified food packaged
products on the U.S.market today.

9200 companies currently produce products for the kosher market.
Approximately 2500 new products are introduced into the kosher market annually.
Consumers currently spend in excess of $150 billion on kosher products, as compared
to $250 million almost 25 years ago.
Jewish people consume 45% of Kosher foods. 55% of kosher foods are consumed
by non Jewish people. Kosher food is accepted by all people world wide as high quality.
The Kosher certification (symbol) means quality to USA and European customers.

在今天美国市场上,有 65000种不同犹太食品
Kosher 以其高品质已被全球的人们所认可。
Star-K Kosher 证书(标志)意味着高质量。