Chef Paul Prudhomme
Magic Seasoning Blends

Our customers and the public perceive STAR-K as great quality due to the great supervision, and they are absolutely correct. In fact, they do their job very well.

Fabricio Nunez
Arco of Jacha International

It's been a good experience, very thorough. The supervisor has gone into every detail, so it will be very exciting to see how the market responds to quinoa, which is new I think, for Passover. And from there, we hope to keep working with the STAR-K and see how the future is going to go.

Elyse Allen
Pompeian Inc.

STAR-K is very helpful, and I'm kind of in awe of the knowledge of quality assurance systems that they have.

George Sweeney
Heart of the Desert Pistachios

We found them very easy to deal with. We researched and basically had the option of going with several other companies, and because of STAR-K and how they treated us and also their reputation in the marketplace we went ahead and selected STAR-K and have been very satisfied and very happy.

Rick Allen
Allen Canning Company

The people at STAR-K are so talented. They communicate well. They work well with our company. And I cannot say enough about the great people at STAR-K.

Mrs. William Baugher
Blue Mountain Flavors

They helped us design our kosher facility. They’re very knowledgable, they’re technically competent. We have had two other certifications in the past, and to be honest, this is the best one that we have found.

David Caine
Aunt Gussie's Cookies & Crackers

Whenever we call, they’re right there answering our questions. And it certainly has helped our company move further into the kosher market.

Kreider Farms

We have been partnering for many years, and we work as a team to provide and follow up protocols to a high standard for the STAR-K certification.

Dov Osina
California Delight

STAR-K is very personable, they’re friendly, easy to talk with, and they're always available. Always.

Javier Fernandez
Andean Valley

...the supervisors, the rabbi, always helps us with all of our questions, with all of our requirements of information that we have.

Bill Buppert
Mary Sue Candies

They're great partners. Obviously, they are supervisors so they do have an authoritative role in our relationship. But, I really consider them partners, as opposed to coming in and trying to dictate how things are done.

Peter Pendola
Eatem Foods

The easiest organization and the most complimentary organization for our manufacturing process was STAR-K.

Evelyn Baran
Neshama Sausage

They work well with our manufacturers. They are able to work in many different situations. When we have questions, they always respond promptly. They are cooperative. They’re mentschen. And I don’t think we could find a better hashgacha anywhere.

Ellen Libfeld
Wrap Ole

If anyone is looking to go with anyone else, forget about it. Stick with STAR-K.

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