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Star-SSTAR-S is a Sephardic Mehadrin Kashrut certification, developed in coordination with STAR-K and the support of an international network of kosher certified companies, to meet the kashrut needs of Sephardic communities around the globe, according to the minhagim of both Sephardim and Bnei Edot Hamizrach.

The mission of STAR-S is to provide Sephardic communities with products that meet the highest kashrut standards and which abide by Sephardic chumrot in four areas: Bishul Beit Yosef, Chalak Beit Yosef meats, Yashan grain products, and Hamotzi breads. STAR-S also pioneered domestic production of Kitniyot l'Pesach to a Mehadrin standard.

STAR-S is a secondary certification provided to eligible STAR-K certified companies upon request.

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Algro International Llc
  • Jersey City , NJ USA 201-777-4484
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