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Star-SWith the burgeoning growth of young Sephardic Bnei Torah, one of the leading Sephardic Rabbanim in Baltimore, Rav Emmanuel Goldfeiz shlit”a had many conversations with Dr. Avrom Pollak, the President of the STAR-K on his weekly visits to the STAR-K for Shatnez Checking (another of his many talents! ) about the kashrus needs of Sephardic communities. As the presence of Sephadic communities grew, he felt that the particular Chumrot that have been required in the Edot Hamizrach for centuries should be offered in the US as well. A logical extension of the growth of Sephardic communities would be caring for their Kashrut concerns as well. As they discussed things Dr. Pollak realized that another such growing community existed in the New York/New jersey area which could also benefit greatly from such an effort ; the Syrian community in Brooklyn and Deal. This community growing with incredible speed has become a juggernaut of Bnei Torah with representation in all the major Yeshivot in the US and Israel including Baltimore’s Ner Yisroel. With two strong communities sharing these common Kashrut needs, a solution to this issue became realistic.

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