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Star-DThe STAR-D symbol on a product label or an establishment's Letter of Certification indicates that the product or establishment contains or serves dairy ingredients. All kosher-certified dairy products must bear a dairy designation in order to comply with kosher law that requires keeping milk separate from meat. STAR-D products and establishments are exclusively administered by STAR-K.

Many iconic brands worldwide bear the STAR-D symbol. These include Baskin-Robbins ice cream, Cargill chocolate, ADM cocoa, Mini-Melts ice cream, King Nut airline snack packs, selected 7-Eleven snacks, selected Edible Arrangements products, Rita's Italian Ices locations, as well as over a BILLION gallons of supermarket milk and ice cream brands produced by DFA throughout the United States.

STAR-D fully meets the commonly accepted standard of kosher for dairy that is used by all kashrus agencies. There are some consumers, however, who require a higher standard for dairy termed Cholov Yisroel. Products with that designation undergo constant, on-site supervision, from milking through production. Other than being designated as non-Cholov Yisroel, STAR-D products and establishments meet the same standards of kosher as required for STAR-K certification.

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