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Star-DStar-D is the registered trademark of the National Council of Young Israel. The Rav Hamachshir is Rav Naftali Burnstein Shlit”a of the Young Israel of Cleveland as noted on all STAR-D Letters of Certification. In its relationship with STAR-K, All Star-D establishments and products are administered by STAR-K personnel. All standards of STAR-K are employed in Star-D certifications except for the fact that Star-D products are cholov stam - not cholov yisroel. Many iconic brands carry a STAR-D including Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, Graeter's Ice Cream, Seattle Chocolates, Cargill Chocolate, ADM Cocoa, selected 7-11 snacks , selected Edible Arrangements & Rita’s Italian Ices and many more products worldwide.

The STAR-K symbol on dairy products is ALWAYS cholov yisroel, a “Super-Kosher” standard for milk production which includes the constant presence of a kosher supervisor. These products are certified by STAR-K Certification, Inc. whose Rabbinic Administrator is Rabbi Moshe Heinemann.

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