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National Lecture Series

STAR-K’s National Kashrus Lecture Series features various topics delivered by Star-K administrators. Topics cover: Glatt Kosher Meat Today, Kosher Travel, The High Price of Kosher Foods, Caterers and Restaurants, Meat and Poultry, Kosher Liquors, Shabbos & Yom Tov Appliances, and the Kashrus of Medicines & Vitamins. For more information on the speakers click here. For more general information email us or call 410.484.4110

R' Heinemann
Rabbi Moshe Heinemann
Rabbinic Administrator, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

World-renowned Posek

R' Pollak
Dr. Avrom Pollak
President, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

Why Keep Kosher?

The Impact of Kashrus on World Food Production


R' Beyer
Rabbi Baruch Beyer
Kashrus Administrator, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

A Behind the Scenes Look at Manufacturing and Processing:

Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks
Nuts and Snack foods
The Paper and Packaging Industry and Kosher Certification

The Meaning of Kosher

R' Kurcfeld
Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld
Kashrus Administrator,Shochet, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

The Evolution of Today's Kosher Kitchen:

Integrating Kashrus with Modern Conveniences

Behind the Scenes in Kashrus:

The Day-to-Day Operation of Community Bakeries, Caterers, & Supermarkets Hotels for Pesach
The Kashrus of your Shul's Kitchen

The Meat and Poultry Industry

R' Goldberg
Rabbi Zvi Goldberg
Kashrus Administrator, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

Introduction to Keeping Kosher

The Spiritual Sanctity of the Kosher Diet

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Sugar Industry

The Pulpit Rabbi - His Relationship with Local and National Kashrus Agencies

Halacha, Minhag, and Chumra in Kashrus

Bugs in the Veggies

Hands-On Practical Guide to Complete Kitchen Kashrus

R' Heber
Rabbi Dovid Heber
Kashrus Administrator, STAR-K,
Director of Computer Department
view bio

Selected Topics:

The Kashrus of Medications, Nutraceuticals and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Kashrus for Pesach

International Dateline: Halachic Considerations

The Impact of Computerization on Kashrus

Why Food Production Requires Certification:

Understanding the Complicated World of Kosher

The Process of Kosher Certification

Brachos on Foods

R' Heinemann
Rabbi Shmuel Heinemann
Kashrus Adminstrator, STAR-K,
New York/New Jersey Region
view bio

Selected Topics:

The Challenges in Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Wine and Food Manufacturers

The Day-to-Day Operation of Community Bakeries, Caterers, Pizza Shops, and Restaurants

R' Mushell
Rabbi Avrohom D. Mushell
Kashrus Administrator, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

Kashering your Kitchen

Oven use on Shabbos and Yom Tov

Kashrus Halachic Issues

China and the Far East

R' Rosen
Rabbi Tzvi Rosen
Kashrus Administrator, STAR-K, Editor of Kashrus Kurrents view bio

Selected Topics:

Overseas Productions of:

Dried Fruits
Olives and Olive Oils
Tomato Products
The Canning Industry

The Dairy Industry

Keeping Abreast of Changes in Food Production

In-service Training for Rabbis of Small and Mid-sized Communities

R' Shuman
Rabbi Eliyahu Shuman
Director of Supervision, STAR-K view bio

Selected Topics:

The Technical World of Kashrus:

Flavors and Chemicals
The Fish Industry

Understanding Kosher Food Production

Kashrus in the South Pacific

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