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Organic Figs
August 02, 2023

Packages of Organic Figs, even those with reliable kosher certification, have been found to have a high rate of infestation.

STAR-K recommends checking ALL figs, even those bearing a reliable certification.

TO PROPERLY CHECK FIGS: open each fig and carefully inspect the interior for any insects like wasps, beetles or worms. If any are found, discard the entire fruit.

Infestation in Peppers
June 23, 2023

Recent findings are showing high levels of infestation on the exterior of bell peppers – of all colors and sizes (i.e., both regular and mini). The main area of infestation is around the stem.

While research into this issue is ongoing, we recommend that consumers wash and scrub the pepper by hand or with a vegetable brush under a strong stream of water, and then remove the stem with some of the surrounding area.

Peppers should not be cooked or eaten whole with the stem still attached.

Kuli Kuli Moringa
June 20, 2023

Please be advised that Kuli Kuli Foods of Oakland, CA, has circulated an unauthorized STAR-K Letter of Certification on moringa products to its wholesale customers. Kuli Kuli has never been certified by STAR-K.

Corrective action is being taken.

Shahia Stuffed Vine Leaves
May 16, 2023

Please be advised that cans of Shahia Stuffed Vine Leaves, produced in Turkey and distributed by Lipari Foods with a production code after 4/30/2020, bear an unauthorized STAR-K symbol. Corrective action is being taken.

Cosmo's Olives
February 06, 2023

Please be advised that Cosmo's brand Pitted Oil Cured Olives, produced in Morocco, bear an unauthorized STAR-K symbol and are not certified by STAR-K.

Corrective action is being taken.

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