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Carolina Brand Brown Rice
December 02, 2019

STAR-K certified bags of Carolina brand brown rice with a best by date of September 2021 were found to be infested in Lakewood, New Jersey area stores. The infestation was traced to the distribution chain.
Consumers should not use this product.They are urged to return the rice to the store for a full refund.
Corrective action is being taken.

Ancient Harvest White Quinoa
October 24, 2019

Please be advised that bags of Ancient Harvest brand white quinoa with the bag code Best By 05/22/21 7NI, being sold in NY/NJ area stores, have been found to be infested. Our research indicates that the issue originated at a distributor which was out of Ancient Harvest's control.
This alert does not apply to other bag codes or in areas outside of New York and New Jersey.

FYI - Reminder for Rosh Hashanah
September 18, 2019

At this time of year when many of us are using figs, dates and leeks, this is a reminder to check these items properly:
DATES: It is recommended that one open and do a visual inspection on a few out of each container. If no insects can be seen, one can assume the rest are insect-free.
FIGS: Open each one and check carefully for infestation (typically wasps, beetles or worms).
Checking instructions for dates and figs apply even if they have a hechsher, due to the possibility of improper storage.
LEEKS: Examine the outside for any leaf miner trails. Check in between the leaves for thrips or other insects.
BLACK EYED PEAS: Dried peas should first be boiled in water. After they have been fully cooked, allow the peas to soak in the water for 2-3 hours. The peas will then swell and the peel will become translucent.

Canned or frozen peas may be checked straight out of the can/bag; there is no need to boil or soak.
To check, take the peas and inspect for holes or dark-colored stains as this may indicate an insect beneath the thin peel. If there is a dark spot on the peel, remove the thin skin and check if there is a cavity with a bug in it. (The black "eye" spot is not a sign of infestation. Similarly, orange colored stains on the surface are not signs of infestation; only dark or black stains are of concern.)

Lancaster Foods Salad Mix
August 29, 2019

Salad mix bags of iceberg lettuce from Lancaster Foods, Jessup, MD, packed in 5 pound bags, have been mistakenly labeled with a STAR-K symbol. The product is not certified and must be checked before
Corrective action is being taken.

Safir Canned Tomatoes with Tomato Juice & Basil
July 18, 2019

SAFIR CANNED TOMATOES WITH TOMATO JUICE AND BASIL, a product of Tunisia, bear an unauthorized STAR-K sticker.
Corrective action is being taken.

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