Rabbi Holland
Rabbi Zvi Holland

Rabbi Zvi Holland, was raised in Scranton, PA. Educated in the U.S. and Israel, Rabbi Holland was ordained at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He is a Mesader Gittin, holds an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is licensed in Maryland as an LGPC. As the founding Rosh Kollel of the Phoenix Community Kollel, he and his wife Sima, who is a Silver Spring, MD native, were dedicated to promoting Torah study and building community. At STAR-K, in addition to Kashrus Administration of Meat, Dairy, Chemicals, Alcoholic Beverages and Sauces, Rabbi Holland is involved in community education and development projects including the STAR-K Kollel in Lakewood, The STAR-K Kosher Classroom project, Shechita education and working together with local community, Rabbis and Kashrus organizations around the country and the world.

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