Kashrus Foodservice Training Seminar

Want to become a Mashgiach Kashrus?

Are you a mashgiach kashrus and want more training?

The STAR-K will be offering a training course for people already involved  or interested in becoming Mashgichim in the foodservice industry (e.g. restaurants and catering).
This course will deal in depth with all the various issues and skills a Mashgiach needs to know in order to work effectivelyin  all types of settings – restaurants, catering halls, hotels, Shabbos, yom tov etc. It will be an extensive, formal training. We will also offer training and certification in bug checking.

The course will NOT cover Kashrus of factories, Pesach, etc. or other areas that the STAR-K Annual Kashrus seminar deals with.

The course will be held at the STAR-K offices in Baltimore July 1-3, 2013.

For more information or to apply, please call the STAR-K office at 410-484-4110 or email here