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Schach Mat Guidance for 5784

Guide to STAR-K Certified Schach

For a summary of Rav Moshe Heinemann’s guidance regarding kosher schach, click here.

Kosher Certified Schach Manufacturers

For a list of schach manufacturers certified by STAR-K, click here.

The Halachos of Schach

For a more in-depth review of the halachos of schach by Rav Heinemann, click here.

After Sukkos: Proper Schach Storage

For guidelines on proper storage of your schach to avoid insect infestation, click here.

Audio-Visual Guidance

To listen to STAR-K’s Kosher Conversation ‘Sukkos Specialpodcast with Rabbi Mordechai Frankel , click here.

To watch a STAR-K webinar with host Rabbi Zvi Goldberg in which he and Rabbi Boruch Beyer discuss sukkahs-to-go and schach mats, among other related topics, click here.

Schach/Sukkah Mats (Webinar)

August 2017

Webinar host Rabbi Zvi Goldberg discusses schach mats with Rabbi Boruch Beyer.

Additionally, you can listen here for a shiur by Rabbi Goldberg, given at Congregation Darchei Tzedek, Baltimore, on the subject of various types of schach mats. The shiur includes an explanation of STAR-K certified mats.