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STAR-K Guidelines for Purchasing Fresh Fish

Updated August 19, 2022

receives many questions about purchasing fresh fish from non-kosher stores or
sources. We hope this brief article will help clarify some of the confusion regarding
this topic.

For a
fish to be kosher, the Halachais that it needs to have fins
and scales.[1]
Furthermore, there is a rabbinic prohibition[2] to consume fish that has had
the simanei kashrus (scales)[3] removed (e.g., a skinless
fish fillet) without a Yehudi having confirmed that it was a kosher

with Kosher Supervision

stores or companies that are under STAR-K supervision, the fish are filleted
with a mashgiach present, and therefore one may buy any fish fillet without any
further concerns.

Fillet from a Non-Kosher Store or Source

skinless fish either from a store that is not kosher supervised, or that was
not sealed in a package bearing a reliable kosher symbol, is not permissible. STAR-K
does not consider the color of a fish alone (e.g., the red color of salmon) to
be a valid […]