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Matzah For All: The Sugya and Saga of Oat Matzos

Pesach 2022 (Revised)



Much has been written about the
relatively recent innovation of matzah made from oats. The value of publishing
another treatment on the topic is twofold: to provide current information, and
also to maintain an awareness that oat matzos are not simply another, albeit
more expensive, variety available to consumers. Rather, they are a niche
product intended for a specific demographic group. To a lesser extent, some of
the issues may apply to spelt matzos as well.

I am indebted to מו”ר הרה”ג HaRav Abba Zvi Naiman שליט”א, Mara D’Asra in Bais Medrash of Ranchleigh, for including an earlier draft of this article as part of the eleventh edition of Kuntress Lemaan Tesapeir for Peach 5782. This excellent journal has been published by the kehilla yearly since 5772. Back issues are available for download at: www.zichronyaakoveliyahu.org/publications.html.

Also, the article can be viewed in the Passover section […]

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