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The Kashrus of Tea—With No Strings Attached!

Summer 2013

Americans generally do not drink as much tea as the rest of the world. This may have something to do with a certain party they had in Boston a while back. That being the case, you might be surprised to learn that tea is second only to water in worldwide beverage consumption. In fact, some estimates place tea consumption in the billions of cups daily. That’s a lot of tea. However, with recent health benefits being ascribed to tea, its popularity in this country is definitely on the rise. In this article we will explore the world of tea vis-a-vis kashrus and halacha. First, a little background is in order.


Tea is a processed leaf. It is grown on a tea tree which, if allowed to grow wild, would reach 30 or more feet in height. On tea plantations, the main trunk of the seedlings is cut to produce a […]

Me’ein Olam Habah, Instant Style: Instant Foods in the Kosher Home

August 2013

(Click here for a helpful Glossary of Terms used in this article.)

Our fast paced lifestyles have opened a market for easy to prepare and pre-cooked types of foods. Ready to eat, heat-and-serve or just add boiling water. Packaging labels proclaim that you can have that old fashioned home cooked flavor in only a fraction of the time. For the kosher consumer there are a variety of concerns that present themselves when using these quick to prepare concoctions. As can be expected, the less you have to do at home to prepare, the more that has been done at the factory to make the food edible. Therefore, one must be sure that the product has reliable kosher certification.

One must also be cautious as well when using these processed foods on Shabbos. As a rule, when dealing with raw foods, the Shabbos […]