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Yoshon Updates

Updated March 2, 2023

Yoshon season 2022-2023 has begun. Below you will find the STAR-K Yoshon Quick Reference Guide for many common products. 

The information in the Quick Reference Guide is based on a combination of direct company sources and by researching The Guide to Yoshon, which is now updated and published annually  by the family of Rabbi Yosef Herman zt”l.  Although the finalized Guide to Yoshon has yet to be published for this year, we have been able to use early drafts to update much of the information in our Quick Reference Guide.

As there will likely be changes to the Herman Family guide over the next few weeks, it is worthwhile to check back here weekly for updates to STAR-K’s Yoshon Quick Reference Guide. A link to the guide appears below.

In addition, every year we publish an up-to-date list of Baltimore establishments and the Yoshon and Pas Yisroel status of […]