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STAR-K’s Kosher Info App offers the one of the largest repositories of Kosher consumer information in cyberspace, combining, the internet’s first and most comprehensive consumer information website and the interactivity of the STAR-K Kosher Information Hotline 410-484-4110. “STAR-K, How May We Help You”? The app allows you to ask your questions directly to the STAR-K team of Rabbis and Kashrus experts including the ability to snap a picture along with your questions.

This innovative app offers searchable lists of:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Kosher Medicine Info
  • Starbucks Kosher List
  • Slurpee List
  • Sabbath Mode Appliance Search
  • STAR-K Passover information and the Kollel Los Angeles Medicine and Cosmetics Guide (in-app purchase required)
  • Kashrus Kurrents Articles and STAR-K Webinar Videos