Star-K Side Bar Summer 2011

Other News From The STAR-K

Women’s Mashgicha Conference Planned for Fall, 2011

STAR-K’s first Mashgicha Enrichment Program, held in November, 2009, attracted veteran mashgichos from around the U.S. and as far away as Israel.  It was so successful that STAR-K is planning its second all-women conference this coming fall.  The two-day program will be held at its Baltimore headquarters and is open to a limited number of women who are currently employed as mashgichos worldwide.  The curriculum will include kashrus procedures, insect checking, and visits to local food service establishments.

For further information on the Star-K Kashrus Mashgicha Conference, or to register, please email us or contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, (410) 484-4110, extension 219.


Telekosher Conference Series

Star-K’s ongoing TeleKosher Conference Series for consumers is scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 12 Noon EST, hosted by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg. To join the conference online go to Kosher University. To call-in, dial 1-218-895-1203 and enter conference 2020#.


STAR-K Eruv-inar

Star-K is hosting an “eruv-inar,” a webinar for eruv checkers and rabbonim hamachshirim worldwide, featuring Rabbi Moshe Heinemann shlita discussing hilchos eruv.  The webinar will highlight eruv shaylos through the use of pictures of eruvim that have been submitted to the Star-K.  Listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions during the shiur.  The webinar will be held Wednesday, September  7th at 8:00 pm EST.  Pre-registration is required.

Please forward your name, the capacity in which you serve, and the location of the eruv to us.  Please also forward pictures (along with a note detailing the question) to the same address.  There is a 10 megabyte limit for attachments, so you may have to break up the pictures into several emails.  For questions, please contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg at 410-484-4110 ext. 219.