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TeleKosher Conference Program for Local Kashrus Agencies

In an attempt to alleviate the kashrus challenges unique to smaller towns, STAR-K CERTIFICATION announces a unique opportunity for local Vaadim, Rabbis and Mashgichim the world over.  STAR-K’s monthly TeleKosher Conference program will enable them to speak directly to kashrus experts from various agencies, in a non-political forum, posing their most pressing kashrus questions that are distinctive to their communities. 

The monthly conference has already featured Rabbi Zushe Blech, Rabbi Yaakov Luban, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann and Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld.  The conferences are archived here.  For further information, call the STAR-K office, (410) 484-4110 or email here.

An additional TeleKosher Conference series for the general public is scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 12 Noon EST, hosted by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg.  To join the conference, call 1-605-475-8590 and enter conference 528-5502. Brought to you by

Star-K Shidduch Program Up”date”

Keep thinking of those shidduchim! To date, STAR-K’s Shadchan Incentive Program has awarded a sizeable sum to the shadchanim of 80 successful shidduchim since the program started four years ago. For program rules, call the Star-K office at 410-484-4110 ext. 217 or visit Star-K online here click on Programs/Shidduch Incentive Program/“Striking Matches: Star-K Partnering with Shadchanim.”

Star-K Education Series
CD’s & Tapes available for purchase

Now you can learn about kashrus in the comfort of your home or vehicle with STAR-K’s Education Series CDs and tapes, available for purchase exclusively from STAR-K! CD titles include: Shmitta; A Video Guide to Nikkur; The Insect Checking Video Tutorials for lettuce, strawberries or flour (also available on the web here). Tape titles include: The Kashrus of Medications; Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements; Lecture Series A – The Truth about Kosher Meat and Poultry; Wine-Whiskey-Beer; Medicines and Vitamins; Shabbos and Yom Tov Appliances; Lecture Series B – Kashrus Considerations; Meat and Poultry; Caterers and Restaurants. For further information, call 410-484-4110.