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Star-K 7th Annual Kashrus Training Program
Now Accepting Applications

STAR-K’s Kashrus Training Program will be held Monday, July 12 through Thursday, July 15, 2010. This intensive seminar, held at STAR-K’s offices in Baltimore, Maryland, is limited to 25 students—rabbonim, kollel fellows, and others serving as klei kodesh—who have studied Yorah Deah. In addition to lectures, audio-visual presentations and a hands-on practicum, several field trips are planned.

To apply, call Star-K office at 410-484-4110 and speak with Rabbi Zvi Goldberg.

Telekosher Conference Series

Star-K’s ongoing TeleKosher Conference Series for consumers is scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 12 Noon EST, hosted by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg. To join the conference, call 1-605-475-8590 and enter conference 528-5502#. Now also accessible online – go to Kosher University for details.

Know Thy Insects

Confused about which fruits and vegetables need to be checked for bugs and how to check them? Visit our insect checking guide. Get detailed instructions, watch video tutorials, and view pictures and videos of the insects.


Star-K is pleased that we are still able to continue our popular Shidduch program. Awards of $2500 are available for any qualified shadchan who makes a shidduch with a Baltimore girl over the age of 22 years and 2 months. Please see here for the rules, or call our office at 410-484-4110. Star-K can only provide an award if a minimum of $1500 has been paid to the shadchan before the wedding. This change was due to the fact that some couples have not been paying the customary shadchanus fee, assuming that the Star-K award is sufficient. Star-K’s award is above and beyond the normal shadchanus fees that are paid by the chosson and kallah before the wedding.