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STAR-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Dovid Heber will present a webinar series on Hilchos Brochos, scheduled every other Monday from December 17, 2012 through February 11, 2013 at 12 noon.  Some of the topics will include:  fruits, vegetables and processed grains, ikker v’tafel, cereals, kadima, and the various foods included in the brochos of Hamotzi and Hagofen.  To sign up, visit Kosher University.

STAR-K ’s Chicken Webinar Viewed by Rabbonim, Mashgichim, and Consumers Around the World
by Mrs. M. Pensak

STAR-K’s successful interactive chicken webinar, held in November, attracted  over 325 registrants from across the US, Canada, Israel, and Australia, including over 150 rabbonim and rabbonim machshirim. Utilizing pictures, audio, chat and videos, STAR-K’s Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, shlit”a, taught both consumers and rabbonim  how to differentiate between a chicken’s perfectly normal imperfection  resulting from processing, and an imperfection that presents a true shayla in need of being addressed by your Rav.

The chicken webinar is a part of STAR-K’s ongoing, unique halacha webinar series, which includes an Eruvinar and Mikvanar.   It featured a video of a slaughterhouse tour which highlighted how post-schechting problems evolve due to handling.  To learn more about the status of chickens that have broken legs, broken wings, and joint and blood issues, view the posting of the Chicken Webinar here.

“By harnessing available technologies, we are able to reach out and teach Torah in an innovative way,” notes STAR-K Kashrus Administrator, Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, who moderates the series.  “It is much more hands-on than a typical lecture.”

We also invite you to participate in STAR-K’s monthly TeleKosher Conference Program, the last Wednesday of each month at 12 Noon EST.  To join by phone, call 1-218-895-1203 and enter conference 2020#.  For details on joining by web, visit Kosher University.