Beyond Milk and Meat…

Published Fall 2013

This past spring and summer, applicants from across the U.S., Mexico and Canada took advantage of an array of kashrus education opportunities hosted by STAR-K Kosher Certification in Baltimore, Maryland. In April and June, STAR-K administrators addressed the rabbinic alumni of Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (YU/RIETS) and Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, respectively, during their Yarchei Kallah. In July, STAR-K held back-to-back Foodservice Kashrus Training and Tenth Annual Kashrus Training Program seminars. Rabbi Dovid Yachnes, rav of the Orlando Torah Center, wrote a letter of appreciation that perhaps best sums up the impact made during all of these educational efforts. Commenting on these efforts, STAR-K President Avrom Pollak said, “STAR-K is always interested in supporting rabbonim and their communities around the country and the world, with accurate kashrus information and halachic resources, to further our mission of promoting kashrus and observance of halacha.”

Dear STAR-K,

Please allow me to share my experience over these last number of days at the STAR-K Kashrus Training
Program 2013…two things in particular stood out for me. I observed the Achdus and respect displayed amongst the staff of STAR-K. You could feel the oneness and unity of the organization. From the secretaries to the Rabbanim to the lay staff, it was unbelievable and a real Kiddush
Hashem for me to witness. And then there was the complete Hachna’a and reverence that the STAR-K staff has for HaRav Heinemann, shlit’a. Your admiration and respect for his daas Torah was palpable. To witness this was truly inspiring. May Hashem continue showering tremendous Hatzlacha to your organization and may you continue being Mezacke the Rabbim.