Regarding Star-K certified Sabbath Mode ovens

June 6, 2008
On Friday, 3 Sivan, 5768, Rav Heinemann, Shlita discussed the recent Kol Koreh regarding raising or lowering temperatures on Yom Tov on ovens equipped with the Sabbath Mode feature.

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For those who wish to refrain from placing their ovens in Sabbath Mode and still use their oven on Yom Tov, please be aware of the possible serious “Michshol” on many models. Opening the oven door will immediately shut off the heating elements, an act clearly forbidden on Yom Tov. Thus, even if you don’t raise or lower the temperature, it is still important to keep the oven in Sabbath Mode.
To view the Teshuva (Responsa) regarding Sabbath Mode ovens by HaGaon HaRav Moshe Heinemann Shlita, Rabbinic Administrator of the Star-K click here.

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