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Search to find Kosher cooking products that will ensure a Sabbath-compliant kitchen! Get purchase advice on Cooking Appliances, Refrigeration/Freezer Appliances, Dishwasher Appliances and Countertops below for complete Kosher cooking practices.

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Cooking Appliances

Companies have chosen the name "Sabbath Mode" , and we are concerned from a halachic point of view that there may be some misunderstanding as to the proper use of these ovens on Shabbos. We would therefore like to make some clarifications. 1. No adjustment to the temperature is permitted on Shabbos even in the Sabbath Mode. 2. All food must be fully cooked and placed in the oven before Shabbos. read more
Consumers should be aware that some appliance companies are advertising "Sabbath Mode" features and are not certified by STAR-K or any other reputable rabbinical group. To be sure that all halachic concerns have been duly addressed, you can check model numbers from specific manufacturers on the STAR-K website or call our office at 410-484-4110.

If a self-clean feature is important to you, please be aware that many new oven models no longer have this feature.

Refrigeration/Freezer Appliances

Units certified by the STAR-K generally eliminate all items of concern when the appliance is put into the Sabbath mode. Some appliances may have features that are problematic on Shabbos and Yom Tov. This is especially true for the more expensive models, but may also be an issue for a lower cost models. If at all possible, one should see the model to be purchased, preferably up and running. The STAR-K web site has a check list to be used in evaluating a refrigerator or freezer. Recent features of concern are digital temperature display (which changes when you open the door) either inside the refrigerator, or on the door, and magnetic switches which are sometimes hard to find and defeat.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Sabbath Mode feature on your refrigerator or freezer was designed to be used on an "as-needed" basis. Make sure to exit Sabbath Mode and reset your appliance at the conclusion of the Sabbath or holiday.

Dishwashing Appliances

STAR-K does not recommend kashering a dishwasher from treif to kosher, from chometz to Pesach, from meat to milk or from milk to meat. This is true even if the interior is stainless steel, since the hoses and fittings are made of either plastic or rubber and we do not advise Koshering rubber and plastic.

Dishwashers may not be put on a timer for use on either Shabbos or Yom Tov.

Medical Devices

STAR-K certifies certain devices for use on Shabbos by a choleh (an infirm or ailing person). These devices rely on the halachic principle of grama, which means that there is a time delay between the person's action and the ensuing melacha occurring.

There are two STAR-K certified companies that make such devices: GramaChip Technologies and Movinglife. Please note that both companies make additional products that are not STAR-K certified.

These companies manufacture the following STAR-K certified devices:

  • GramaChip Technologies – Stairlift, Platform Lift, Ceiling Lift, Stair Climber, Recliner Chair, Suction Machine, Nebulizer, Hospital Beds, and Nurse Call Systems.
  • Movinglife – Shabbatto Folding Scooter.

The above devices may only be used by and for cholim, under the guidance of an Orthodox rabbi.


In the modern Kosher kitchen maintaining the Kashrus integrity of a countertop is often an important feature and desired benefit. The ability to Kasher a countertop for Pesach is also of great value to many consumers. Consumers should be aware that not all countertops are the same and prior to purchasing care should be taken to ensure that the countertop choice that is made meets the goals and Halachic standards of the purchaser. See the links below for STAR-K's kosher countertop advice and certified products.
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