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When Does One Pray When There Is No Day

Alos Hashachar - Dawn.

Brochos - Blessings.

Chatzos Halayla - Midnight (halfway between sunset and sunrise).

Chatzos Hayom - Midday (halfway between sunrise and sunset).

Daven, Davening - Pray, Praying.

Halacha, Halachic - Jewish Law.

Halachic Hour -
1/12 of the day.

Hallel - Special prayer of thanks recited on holidays.

Havdalah - Prayer recited following the Sabbath.

Kehilla - Jewish community.

Kiddush - Blessing recited on Sabbath with a cup of wine.

Kosher, Kashrus - Jewish dietary laws.

Maariv - Evening prayers.

Melacha - Work prohibited on the Sabbath.

Milah - Circumcision.

Mincha Gedola - Earliest time for afternoon prayers.

Mincha - Afternoon prayers.

Mitzvah, Mitzvos - Commandments Jews fulfill.

Plag Hamincha - 1¼ halachic hours prior to sunset.

Rav - Rabbi

Shabbos, Sabbath - Jewish day of rest. Begins before sunset on Friday and ends when stars come out on Saturday night.

Shacharis - Morning prayers.

Shema - Prayer recited in the morning and evening.

Sof Zman Krias Shema - Latest time for morning shema.

Sof Zman Tefilla - Latest time for morning prayers.

Tallis - Prayer shawl worn during morning prayers.

Tefilla - Prayer.

Tefillin - Phylacteries worn during morning prayers.

Tzais Hakochavim - When stars come out.

V'tzarich Iyun - This complicated issue requires further research and discussion beyond the scope of this article.

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