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Other News From The STAR-K

STAR-K Kashrus Training Program!

THE STAR-K’S 4TH ANNUAL COMPLIMENTARY CERTIFICATE KASHRUS TRAINING PROGRAM WILL BE HELD JULY 9-12, 2007. Sessions will cover various segments of the kashrus industry, including consumer inquiries and Sabbath mode appliances. A hands-on practicum for vegetable checking will be given. Field trips to a slaughterhouse, confectionery, restaurant, bakery and the kosher kitchen of the Hyatt Regency will round out the seminar experience. To apply to the Star-K Kashrus Training Program, call the Star-K office at 410-484-4110 for an application, or log on to the Star-K website at to download the application form.

Star-K Shidduch Program Up“date

Keep thinking of those shidduchim! Star-K’s shadchan incentive program has been renewed until Chanukah 5768, with a cash “gift” of $2,500 paid, on top of the customary shadchanus, for the successful matches made for Baltimore’s Orthodox women. To date (pun intended!), Star-K has awarded a sizeable sum to the shadchanim of nearly 50 successful shidduchim made since the program started two years ago. For program rules, call the Star-K office at 410-484-4110 ext. 217 or visit Star-K Online at, click on Programs/Shidduch Incentive Program/ “Striking Matches: Star-K Partnering with Shadchanim”.

Insect Checking Video Tutorials STAR-K

Want to buy heads of fresh Romaine, but don’t know how to check for bugs? Ever wonder if your fruit is really insect-free? Wonder no more! The STAR-K makes it easy with its new online insect checking video tutorial collection. Learn how to check lettuce, strawberries and more with our short, easy-tounderstand video tutorials. Material is continually updated. Visit or call our office at 410-484-4110. A limited number of light boxes are still available for purchase from our office.

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