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Year-Round Money Saving Tips and Strategies

by M. Pensak


With a little forethought and planning, you can implement some helpful year-round money saving tips in anticipation of Pesach. To assess your budget, ask yourself:

-What do I typically spend on groceries per month?

-††What did I spend for Pesach last year?

-††What are the specifics of this yearís Pesach plans?

-††Will I be eating meals at home or eating out?

-††Will I have more expenses because I am entertaining guests?

-††What can I afford this year?

-††How can I cut back on expenses a month or two prior to Pesach?

-††What can I live without?

Decide on your menu, taking into account where chol hamoed falls out on the calendar, as well as fleishig/milchig meals. Be sure to make a list before you go shopping.Hopefully, you can refer to your post-Pesach notes from the previous year to remind you of your ever-changing Pesach needs.These could include:

- Number of boxes of matzah, matzah meal, cake meal, and potato starch used

- Number of bottles of wine needed

- Popular brands

- Amount of milk used

- Amount of chicken used

- Amount of produce needed

- Number of eggs used

- Products that were not eaten the previous year and are not needed this year

- Unpopular recipes not to be repeated

- Overbought or under-bought items from the previous year

For more money-saving tips, see the STAR-K 2014 Passover Directory.

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